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Hitting and pitching require similar KEY body positions

Matt Moore

Matt Moore

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

Notice endorser/part owner, Matt Moore, as he comes set over the rubber. His weight is loaded on his back side. Same with Adrian Gonzalez - both are in about an 80/20 weight distribution back side/front side.


Stay back!

How often do you hear those set of words being said to hitters by parents and coaches at youth baseball games? Often! Rarely do you hear this being said to a pitcher. A pitcher loading and staying back is a critical component of the throwing motion, and it's something we see youth baseball players often struggle with.

Even as Matt's stride foot lands and his hips and back knee open towards the plate his weight is still over his back side.

Without getting too in depth, staying back over the rubber allows a pitcher to stay balanced, get a proper load, and it allows both the glove hand and throwing hand to get in the right position.

This is a tough concept for a lot of youth baseball players to grasp. It's not uncommon to see a noticeable different in both command (accuracy) and velocity (speed of the pitch) when this correction is made for a youth player.

Pitching is all about positioning and timing. If your body is not in the proper position at the right time during the throwing motion it is difficult to throw the ball where and how you want.

Check out the before and after image of our friend Austin

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