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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents & Aspiring Athletes

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Who are the pro athletes found on Pro4mer?

They're big league ball players or pros that were selected in the MLB Draft. Simply put, Pro4mer pros are vetted and verified current or former pro athletes that are dedicated to helping youth athletes thrive on and off the field. They're potent competitors that have excelled beyond high school and collegiate competition. They have valuable insight based off of a wealth of experience playing with the best and being coached by the best. Google any Pro4mer pro and you can find a wealth of verifiable information about him.

How do you vet the pros?

Professional sports are such tightly interconnected networks, most of our pros were referred by other pro athletes. We are usually able to find someone who knows a pro that has signed up. In the cases where we don't know the pro, we use a multi-step process to make sure they are who they say that are, and also have pro experience.  

We also run each instructor through the U.S. Department of Justice's national sex offender registry.

We have the right to accept or decline any pro athlete application to become a Pro4mer pro.

How do I search for a pro athlete in my area to train with?

Go to our homepage - enter your sport and enter your zip code. Doing so will bring up a list of available pro athletes near you.

I have found a pro athlete to train with. How do I schedule private training with him/her?

Click 'Book Me' on the pro athlete's profile. Select a day, then select a time, and click continue. Your contact and payment info will then be collected as you follow and finalize the checkout process. Your pro will touch base promptly after you schedule a session as they will have your phone and email entered during checkout.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. You'll love your first lesson, or we'll cover the cost you paid 100%. Notify us within 48 hours after your session and we'll gladly refund you.

How do I contact a pro athlete?

You will receive your pro's contact information immediately after you book a session. We are working on technology for an internal messaging system, and we should be releasing this in the near future.

How do I reschedule a lesson or cancel a lesson?

In your initial confirmation email click the 'reschedule' button near the bottom to select a new date for your lesson. Cancellations are not allowed within 4 hours of a scheduled lesson as courtesy to our pro athletes. You may be charged for your session if you try to cancel or reschedule within 4 hours of a scheduled lesson - this is entirely up to your pro. Please give the pro as much heads up as possible, as he/she will do the same for you. No shows will be charged.

What happens after I successfully book a session and checkout?

You will receive an immediate email confirmation to the email you input at checkout. You will also receive a session reminder the day before your lesson. These reminders will be sent to the email and phone number you input during the checkout process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Athletes & Olympic Athletes

The PRO4MER platform was created by pro athletes, for pro athletes. Join our network as a "private coach" and equip the next generation with the proper tools to help them succeed on and off the field or court.

Who can join the PRO4MER network as instructors?

To join the PRO4MER network you must currently compete, or have in the past, competed as a professional or Olympic athlete, and be prepared to have valid proof of your experience. We reserve the right to reject or remove instructors if we have any doubt of qualifications or proof of experience as a pro athlete. We do not consider semi-pro as qualifying. You must be 18 years or older to be an instructor.

I competed internationally as a pro athlete, do I qualify?

Yes. We realize many players with major league experience, NBA, MLS, and tour pros in tennis and golf have great opportunities internationally. As long as the league or tour you play on is a recognized and top-tier league, you will qualify.

How do I sign up?

Click here. Fill out the application. Make sure you fill in all the fields under 'account info' and 'background' otherwise you will not come up in a search for your city or zip code. We will review your submission and get with you promptly, likely within 24 hours.

Can I set my own price?

Yes. You control all aspects of the lessons including price. Charge what you want, and offer multiple options (example: 30 minutes @ $50, 45 minutes @ $60 etc.). We take 17% of each completed session and plan to make this amount smaller over time. We take this fee to pay our costs of providing this platform for you to be found, market your profile, and pay for other expenses to make this site possible. It is against our Terms and Conditions to ask for payment outside of PRO4MER, if the client was referred to you through the PRO4MER marketplace. We pass 100% of any tips on to you.

How do I know when I am booked for a new lesson?

You will get an immediate confirmation email and text message to the email/cell phone number you provide in your account details. You will also get email and text message reminders of upcoming lessons.

How do I get paid?

Direct deposit. We will contact you to collect your information. We will send weekly payments for completed sessions.

I have completed the 'account info' and 'background' portion of my profile. How do I offer sessions to be booked and paid?

We'll be notified when you complete an application. We'll touch base with you promptly as we verify your application and we'll get you set up upon approval.

How do I refund a client a whole or partial amount?

Currently, you must contact us and we will promptly process your request.

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