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Customers use Pro4mer to easily find and book 1-on-1 baseball training sessions with  local pro baseball players.

 ...and they have loved it


Find your kid's best baseball coach

"An amazing group of pros that are committed to not only quality baseball instruction but teaching the fundamentals in a positive way that should be the standard for all coaches. I would 100% recommend these coaches without hesitation."

Michael, Orlando, FL

"Very well run program. My son loves being coached by these former pro athletes. Highly recommend for any young athlete who wants to improve their game."

Doug, Windermere, FL

"Pro4mer coaches are excellent. They're great with the kids. My son, Billy, has improved his pitching and batting technique tremendously under their guidance."

Julie, Dr Phillips, FL

"Great lesson! Very impressed. We booked 5 more after our first."

Mike, Windermere, FL

"We couldn't be more happy with the pro4mer staff and coaches!! Great concept with great people!! Their positive approach to the development of young people is what it's all about!! My son hit a two-run double hours after his hitting lesson with former major leaguer, Randy Ruiz. Thanks Pro4mer!"

Derek, Orlando, FL

"We had a great lesson with Al Osuna. He's a wonderful fit for my son. He explained things in a way that my son just soaked up. We will be scheduling more lessons with Al."

Heather, Orlando, FL