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Pro4mer now connects you with pro baseball players dedicated to your kid's success for in-person, 1-on-1 training in the greater Tampa area. From first round MLB Draft picks to major leaguers, we have the perfect baseball mentor to help your kid excel on and off the field.

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Pro4mer pros have helped hundreds of kids across Florida become better baseball players. The odds of your kid playing at the next level continue to diminish as he ages. Our pros can help the odds be in your favor! So many kids have the ability inside of them, but just haven't been given the proper set of skills to unlock the greatness within them.


We'll connect you with a proven performer. A dedicated pro that has earned his way to the top of his sport, and has been coached by the best in the game. There's no one better prepared to teach the fundamentals and intricacies of sports than those that have played at the highest level.

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