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Dates are 6/28 and/or 7/26 – choose one or both!

9am to 1pm – Child will participate in full day, all skills.

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PITCHING » (9-10:15am)

*Note: Pitching & Catching are both 9am-10:15am — you must pick ONE (can’t do both)

CATCHING » (9-10:15am)

DEFENSE + AGILITY » (10:30-11:30am)

HITTING » (11:45am-1pm)

Utilizing our experience and talent, our pro players come together determined to impact youth baseball.

Our clinics are distinct – they’re hands-on, organized, and intimate because we take pride in keeping a manageable coach to player ratio.

Repetitions are the single most important thing for the youth player. We teach the best fundamentals and techniques we learned and used while competing for our respective MLB organizations.

Our intentions are to develop the whole person, not just the player. This clinic is highly interactive, and motivational while we make character development the highest priority.

Players ages 7+ are welcomed.

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Things we cover

PITCHING (9-10:15am)

**Pitching and catching are both 9am-10:15am so you must pick one, not both**


  • Mental strength tips to promote confidence and heightened ability
  • The biggest priority for a pitcher
  • Proper grip
  • When to add off-speed pitches to repertoire
  • Drills to promote more strikes and consistency

CATCHING (9-10:15am)


  • Quick-paced fundamentals to promote strength, agility, and motivation
  • Vocal skills to promote leadership
  • How to give signs so coaches and players can’t steal them
  • Learn effective drills to do at home
  • Blocking
  • Proper footwork on steals

DEFENSE + AGILITY (10:30am-11:45pm)


  • Active stations that focus on proper footwork
  • Fast-paced drills to help with stamina
  • Agility focused to improve footwork, hand coordination

HITTING (12:00-1:15pm)


  • Mental skills to help take batting cage success into game play
  • Proper fundamental sequences of a great swing
  • Proper bat grip and stance
  • Difference between a line drive swing and ground ball swing

COACHING PASS (Good all day)


  • Get on the field, up close and personal with our pro coaches as they teach for the entire day. (Only one coach per pass – please no others with you including second children or spouses for safety reasons)
  • You are allowed to film drills. DO NOT sell our content – no equipment allowed other than your camera (like tripods, etc.)
  • Parents or coaches of any experience level can buy the Coaching Pass. It’s been helpful for parents to be up close to see our physical and vocal prompts/cues so you can better practice at home
  • Parents that do not buy Coaching Passes must stay off the field. You can film or photograph from outside the field but we cannot guarantee the quality of visibility you’ll get.

Questions? Email and expect a response in a flash!

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Clinic Location

Dr Phillips Little League: 7000 Dr Phillips Blvd Orland, FL 32819