Defense. Wins. Ball Games!!! We can’t emphasize enough how important high repetitions are and emphasizing to think about your feet: feet are always moving, feet should be wide, feet take us through the ball, feet get us in proper position, feet takes us to our base….feet! feet! feet!

Proper Fielding Position > here’s the perfect position to field routine ground balls

Catching Fly Balls > the mechanics and thoughts on catching a routine fly ball

Glove Work, High Reps Drill > this is a static foot position drill focused on high repetitions of the hands – line up your players and feed them 4-5 balls, next guy up!

Footwork, High Reps Drill > this fielding drill is focused on footwork, high reps – make sure players get hands out front to pick up the ball but focus mostly on the feet getting their hands over each ball. Line your kids up, set down 3-6 baseballs and cycle through!

Read & Reaction Drill > a little competition makes things fun! Your player is essentially a goal keeper. When you get ready to hit or roll the ball the player should be practicing their ready position and trying to get the earliest and best read possible to not let you (the coach) score a goal

The Under Hand Flip > this is an important fundamental to learn and do correctly

Double Play > receiving a throw or flip at second base, getting ready to “turn 2”. A double play almost never happens before 9/10 years old at earliest but prepping your players on how to approach 2B and receive a throw at 2B is beneficial to their development