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The pros in videos: Rick Asadoorian, 1st overall pick of Boston Red Sox in 1999 (outfielder); James Parr, MLB pitcher w/ Atlanta Braves

Hitting Inside the Ball > striking the inner half of the ball will produce more line drives

Batting Stance > too many kids start with weight back – here’s how to be more athletic

Loading & Timing > “weight back”, “step/stride”, “elbow up” – if your load isn’t great, your timing will suffer and if you don’t have timing you’ll be swinging a missing

Grip – Properly Holding Bat > the way you hold the bat can greatly affect your swing positively or negatively – here’s the basics

Bunting > play small ball well and you’ll absolutely destroy a defense

Tee Work > the tee is the MOST important part of a good hitter’s game

Hip Turning Drill > is your player not “squashing the bug?” or using only his arms to swing? Do this drill and it will teach the hitter to feel using your hips and back leg rotation in the swing. TIPS: it’s ok if contact with ball is not made; use wiffle balls to operate a multi-station group safely; use large-type ball to make contact more certain (blow-up plyo ball, volley ball, etc)

Getting Used to Kid Pitch Drill > this will help teach proper sequencing (stride, load, swing) and build confidence in your player. This simulates a pitcher throwing but allows the hitter to focus on himself and hitting the ball off a tee, erasing the pressure and uneasiness that accompany hitting a thrown ball from a pitcher

Common Mistakes and what to do instead