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Get the most out of your batting practice.

Tee work and soft toss

Have you ever watched batting practice at a pro baseball game? It's impressive to watch. Each player gets three or four rounds of five to seven swings per round (28 swings max). If those were the only swings the players took for practice, they wouldn't be at the level they're at. Each player likely takes triple to quadruple the amount of swings in the cage than they do for batting practice on the field. Why? Because tee work and soft toss are conducive to starting your swing off on the right foot. Ask any major league hitter where they take most of their swings and you'd likely hear, "In the cage off a tee, doing soft toss, and/or front toss".....not on the field or cage with a coach throwing to him.

Head over to your local youth baseball league and you will see plenty of dads or coaches throwing batting practice to their kids, which is great. However you won't see many, if any, dads/coaches and kids using a tee or doing soft toss. Tee work and soft toss allow players to focus on proper fundamentals and rhythm. It's much easier to take quality (and quantity) swings when using a tee and soft toss. These techniques set the tone and foundation to take better swings during batting practice being thrown in a cage or on the field. Make it a point to have your kid take more swings off of a tee. Mix it with soft toss before you throw him batting practice. You will begin to notice better swings, a more confident kid, and a happier kid.

Have a routine

Structure is good. Your favorite major league hitter most likely has a hitting routine. Something like: 30 soft toss swings, 30 tee swings, and 20 to 30 front toss swings - all done before they ever take a batting practice swing from a coach throwing to him. Routines are different for different athletes, there's no one right way to do it. Find what works for you.

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