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Baseball Lessons Albuquerque

Are you looking for baseball lessons in Albuquerque? Pro4mer now connects youth baseball players with local pro baseball players dedicated to your kid's success.

Pro4mer is supported and endorsed by Albuquerque-area major leaguers, Matt Moore and James Parr. Start training with a Pro4mer pro as soon as tomorrow.

There's a reason 95% of parents book more training sessions after their first.

Are you looking for hitting lessons or pitching lessons in Albuquerque?

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Excel on the field. Become a player coaches and scouts love.

Pro4mer has made it easy to connect with pro baseball players in Albuquerque who know what it takes to win, obtain college scholarships, and impress pro scouts.

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What does big league all-star Matt Moore have to say?

Even in my tenth season of pro baseball, I learn something new about myself and the game almost everyday. When I reflect back on my nine off-seasons, what I realized that I really missed, particularly in my early years, was a mentor that could have shown me how to train and approach the game smarter and more effectively. A successful professional that was a few years ahead of me, but on a similar journey, would have significantly shortened my learning curve. PRO4MER is a perfect example of “paying it forward” by committing to the next generation of great players across many sports.

What does 20-year big league slugger Rafael Palmeiro have to say?

Rafael Pameiro

I immediately connect with the PRO4MER idea and think it’s a great concept. I can think of no one better prepared to teach the fundamentals and intricacies of sports than the very athletes who have succeeded in reaching the highest level. My two sons have excelled because of the opportunity to learn from myself and other pros starting at a young age. Both of my sons received division I sports scholarships, and both were selected in the major league draft. They are direct proof of the idea PRO4MER is selling. With PRO4MER, millions of other young athletes can have access to the same, or similar high quality sports instruction.