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7 Baseball Running Ideas For Pitchers and Position Players

What not to do: Long distance running, continuous jogging, untimed polls. Why not? They're all slow movements. Hitting, pitching, base running are not slow, long movements but rather quick, explosive movements.

Baseball conditioning you should be doing

Mix it up, keep it fun, put real purpose behind it rather than make it feel like punishment.

Full/three quarter/half poles (timed)

Starting at one pole you'll hug the fence while running. Set a time that players must complete a single pole under so the pace is faster than a jog and closer to a sprint. Make sure to give players adequate time between poles to recover.

Gas-ers (full or half)

Put players on the foul line and a cone 30-40 yards away from the foul line. On "GO" the players sprint to the cone, touch the ground, then go back to the line. A half gas-er is to the cone and back. A full gas-er is cone, back, cone, back, touching the ground with the hand each time. You can put a timer on your players so they have to run them under 'XX' seconds. Adequate rest between these is a must.

60s, 30s, 15s (yards)

Put players on the foul line and a cone 60-yards, 30-yards, and 15-yards away. These are sprints at various distances. Mix up the repetitions - example: 6 @ 60-yards, 6 @ 30-yards, 6 @ 15-yards one day, then the next time make it 6, 4, and 4. Players can sprint one way and walk or jog back to the start to incorporate and active rest period.

Bow and arrows

Players will jog a 3-quarters of a full poll (hugging the outfield fence), then walk the last quarter. Once the player reaches the other poll he/she will sprint 3-quarters of the way in a straight line back to the poll they started from (straight across the outfield) and then walk the last quarter. When the player returns to the starting poll he/she will start again from the beginning. The shape the players run in is a 'bow'.

Baseball tosses

These are fun. Players start on the foul line in the outfield, each having a baseball. A coach will be 30-40 yards away towards center field. One player at a time will jog at the coach and when player is about 8-feet away from the coach he'll underhand flip the ball to the coach and sprint towards the other foul line. The coach will act like a quarterback throwing a pass to a receiver running a route. Players are to run down the ball and make a catch with their gloves.

Run the bases

Often overlooked, base running can win or lose ball games. Have players run out ground balls, doubles, triples, first to third, second to home, past balls, etc.. Make sure players are hitting the front and front/inside corners of the bases.

Aerobie Disc tosses

These discs fly way better than frisbees do. They're basically a large rubber ring. The discs fly really well except in windy conditions. Players can spread themselves out on the field and pick who they want to throw the disc to. Don't throw the disc right at the other player - make him/her have to run it down. Running after these is great sprint work and foot work.

Striders (easy day)

These are closer to jogging speed and should be 70-100 yards. Players should focus on good, long consistent strides. Striders should be used the day before a pitcher's scheduled start or when position players have a tough game or double header the next day. Don't exhaust your players within 24 hours of an upcoming game.



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