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Properly gripping a four seam fastball on a baseball


Quick Tips

• Don't have your fingers too wide/split apart or you'll kill velocity.

• Make sure your index and middle finger are centered behind the ball.

• Don't turn the ball or the ball may "cut" or "run" due to a tilted spin. You want a good "12 o'clock to 6 o'clock" backspin.

• Your index and middle fingers can be together or separated a bit. Typically fingers together may give you more velocity but it's harder to control. Fingers split apart will give you better control but you may loose a little 'velo. Find what is comfortable for you.

• Thumb should be on the bottom of the ball, not on the side. You want more of the side of your thumb resting underneath the ball, not the pad of your thumb on the ball. →

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