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Great hitters, pitchers, infielders, and outfielders all have great balance.
This is one key thing we see most youth baseball players struggle with and it's often overlooked by coaches.

Check out former Boston Red Sox 1st rounder, Pro4mer pro (Orlando), articulate and explain balance. Often it's not enough to just vocalize instructions to youth.


We're not talking about a specific balance point in the pitching delivery or during the load phase of hitting, but rather a strong foundation from start to finish.

Hitting or pitching, it doesn't matter where you start your hands, how high your leg kick is or isn't, or how short or long your stride is. If you can be knocked over with ease, you're not in a position to succeed.

Here's a few things you can do to practice better balance

  • Don't throw or swing at 110% effort. Think smooth and under control.
  • Work on leg strength - from ankle stability to quadriceps and hamstring exercises.
  • Hold finish/follow through positions after your swing or throw.


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