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As current and former pro baseball players that do individual and group lessons, we're asked all the time: "How much should my kid be throwing?"

Great question! This video is aimed at kids that are 13+ years old getting ready to enter the realm of high school baseball, showcase/travel ball tryouts, college recruiting, and the MLB Draft.

A similarly structured program can benefit kids 12 and under as well, but let's not have them take the game to seriously - let them be kids!

Take five minutes, watch this video between former MLB pitcher James Parr and current pro (Houston Astros organization), Kyle Smith. In preparation for the season, you'll hear how much to throw, how often, at what intensity, and how to structure throwing sessions.

With your kid's health, longevity, and preparation in mind.....


Here's a video of what a standard "flat ground" should look like, as described by Kyle in the video above. After your 35 throws or less your partner should squat like a catcher and you should be at 46', 50', 60', or whatever distance you're pitching from in games (it's OK to be 5' shorter than actual pitching distance). Make 5-12 throws.

Watch Kyle's flat ground below. He's typically at 88mph-93mph (in-game velocity).

 •60%-70% effort

 •Focus down in zone

 •Focus extension & hand on top