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Curveball, slider, cutter, changeup

The keys to making your child's off-speed pitches better than average


Your child’s change up or breaking ball’s best friend is?


You hear from coaches all the time, “Throw it like a fastball” but what does that really mean? This needs to be clearly articulated.

  • Use an aggressive mindset (velocity and strike zone).

  • Think fastball. Think high arm speed. Think throw through the catcher, not to him.

  • Your entire delivery should be exactly like your fastball’s delivery, from tempo, to leg kick, to arm slot, to the timing of your hands breaking.

  • Same grip pressure as your fastball. Don’t choke the ball.

  • Fingers on top of the ball, just like your fastball.

  • High spin rate - the higher the spin rate, the more depth (break/drop) you’ll get. You want the spin to be as tight as possible.

Other checkpoints

GRIP - SO many youth players we grip check have wrong grips on change ups and breaking balls.

DOWN IN THE ZONE - off-speed pitches that are up are known as “hanging” (easy to hit). Down in the zone = harder to recognize and better action on the pitch.

STRIDE LENGTH - a slightly shorter or longer stride length can help improve the quality of an individual’s breaking ball. Experiment. This is the one exception to any change in your delivery on an off-speed pitch.

Click here to see six different pitch grips



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