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The Importance of Pregame Routines in Baseball, Sports.

If you want your kid to do well in a game on the mound, at the plate or in the infield help him establish a routine and a mindset.

What can he/she do each time before a practice or game on the physical/skills side to get timing and tempo on par? What can he/she do on the mental side to help hone in concentration and focus?



Here’s a video of MLB All-Star Justin Verlander throwing in the bullpen before a game. He has a routine with a set plan and purpose. He throws 5-6 fastballs to his glove side, then 5-6 fastballs to his arm side and then at 3:18 in the video he starts to mix in his change up. He then goes back to his fastball and then starts to work in his curveball at 5:06. All this is geared towards him finding his timing, tempo, and release point for each pitch.


Here’s a video of MLB All-Star Bryce Harper hitting in the cage before he goes out on the field to take batting practice. He starts with soft toss, moves to a tee and then progresses to front flips. At no point during this warmup does his hitting coach throw traditional over head BP to him. This routine is all about him finding his swing; building his foundation of timing, tempo, and transfer of energy through the ball.


Here's video of MLB catcher Jonathan Lucroy practicing footwork before a spring training game. It simple, but purposeful, and gets his body and mind in the right spot before competing in a game. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH)

Photo cred: Xan Barksdale Catching

Photo cred: Xan Barksdale Catching

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