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Eight Reasons Your Child Should Start Private Baseball Lessons.....With An Experienced "Coach".


MLB All-Star, current SF Giants pitcher, Matt Moore, with a youngster that booked a lesson with Matt via (Tampa)

MLB All-Star, current SF Giants pitcher, Matt Moore, with a youngster that booked a lesson with Matt via (Tampa)

[Dad speaking] “My son doesn’t listen to me.”

We hear this one often and it’s a valid reason for you to seek instructional help from a credible outside source.

You are a single mom.

Many of our dads spent so much time with us in the back yard at a young age and we're so grateful for that. If your kid is missing out on this, it really hurts his baseball development. It’s all about reps at a young age.

Your kid has serious drive and ambition to improve.

In this case a good mentor or a bad coach can make or break your kid’s baseball development. You can’t teach ambition and drive, and it’s an intangible that should be handed off to someone you can really trust.

Lack of good coaching options.

Majority of the kids our pros work with end up unlocking skills they didn’t think possible of themselves. The large majority of youth athletes aren't performing at their God-given potential. All it takes to bring it out of them is proper guidance and instruction.

Desire to play at the next level.

Experience, wisdom and knowledge are more valuable than gold. If your kid wants to play at the next level he should be training with someone that has been to that level themselves - someone who can perform what he’s trying to teach and knows the ins and outs of getting to that next level. Would you want to learn how to paint from a gifted, experienced artist or from someone who has read/watched some books/videos about painting?

Inconsistency: your child has trouble throwing strikes or hits the ball well some at-bats but looks bad on others.

Your kids inability to throw the ball where he wants is more-so due to a lack of good mechanics which leads to a disruption of timing; it’s not lack of ability. From the hitting end the same applies. Building a proper swing takes time and there’s a better way to do it than constantly throwing batting practice to him. Someone who played at a high level himself will have a great feel for helping your child throw with more command and/or make more consistent solid contact with his bat.

You want your kid to have fun.

“I just want my kid to have fun.” -- we hear that a lot. We do too. He'd start having a blast if he had proper guidance and instruction. There’s a reason more than 9 out of 10 parents that book a first lesson with us, book more.

Your kid throws or hits with very little power.

You’d be very surprised with how many kids have the ability to throw harder or hit with more power but aren’t equipped with the proper fundamental tools or knowledge to maximize their own potential. With proper instruction and solid guidance, we’ve seen dramatic improvements happen in both the velocity and hitting power categories. We've seen power in throwing and hitting go up in only a couple sessions.

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