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Watch Exactly How Pro Baseball Scouts Evaluate and Think When Watching Players Perform

Do you love Tim Tebow or hate him? Well, it doesn't matter and it's not why we decided to write this blog post.

If you are a youth baseball player, a parent of a youth baseball player, or a fan of baseball the video below is a great walkthrough of exactly what pro baseball scouts evaluate, and how they think through each skill.

Important note: all evaluations done by scouts are against major league averages on a 20/80 scale, 50 being major league average. If you are a high school or college player, you will be graded against major league average, not how good you are compared to others in your age range. As an example, the average major league fastball is roughly 91-92 mph which means if you throw 88-90 mph you're below average (45), if you throw 92-94 mph you're above average (55).

Pay attention to the end of the video. Tim's solid character and makeup are emphasized, and it's an asset that may help him ink a professional contract. He is a competitor and he knows how to win. Again, this post is not about Tim, it's about what scouts look for and how they grade.

Youth baseball players and parents: Jim Bowden mentioned "instructional league" in the video. Do you know what instructional league is? If not, obtaining this type of information would be mighty helpful in preparing you for the road ahead. Find a mentor - someone with credible experience, that has gone through what you want to go through yourself. The worst thing you can do is go at it uniformed and alone, or by guessing what it will be like.

Watch the Video

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